Jericho2I stayed at the Auberg Inn in Jericho. When I left Yatta, it was cold and raining and we had no electricity. Jericho is below sea level and has warmer temperatures. The Auberg Inn is near the foot of the Mount of Temptation and about a 40-minute walk from the town.
I did not go up the Mount but Mahmoud, the taxi driver, took me to the Jordan River at the site where Jesus is said to have been baptised. There were Israeli soldiers on the one side and a Jordanian soldier on the other. I had my picture taken with the soldiers. They then asked what EAPPI is since I was wearing my vest. I informed them of the type of work we do in the West Bank. I also took pictures of some people who went into the river.Jericho1
JerichoSycamoreTreeThen I went to the Dead Sea briefly and also saw the Sycamore tree that Zaccheus supposedly sat in.

There are many more historic sites in the area e.g. Masada but I did not go. Instead I headed to Bethlehem. Leif called to say that the electricity was still out in Yatta and he, Christian and Craig would meet me at the Bethlehem Inn. Our other teammate, Laura was in Jerusalem where she had been for her days off.

JerichoMountJerichoDowntownJerichoDeadSeaPlease see related article.

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  1. Dwayne Medernach

    Thanks for the great pictures. Trust your last days there will safe both for you and those you went to help. Regards, Dwayne


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