The last few days

Oma & Kids

With children from the village.

This week we visited the village of Khirbet Zanuta. The whole village is in danger of demolition and will have their final appeal beginning Dec. We are contacting the lawyer but it seems the Israeli side usually ends up winning. They say the village is on an archaeological site. Where will the people go with their animals? And it is the rainy season. There are also many new-born sheep and they need the warmth of a shelter. They have so little and even that may be taken. There is much injustice here and it is hard to understand any rational for it no matter what the Israeli narrative may be.

We also went to a few villages in the east that has never been visited by EAs before. Laura and I went into one home – she signalled us in – but since there were no men there, Leif and Christian went a bit further. The ladies in the tent served us tea and it was nice and warm with the fire going. Later we joined the men. They too were having tea and some flat bread. Our interpreter was with them and so they were able to find out the issues faced in that region.

We are served tea in the villages. The hospitality of the people amaze me.

We are served tea in the villages. The hospitality of the people amaze me.

The issues in these villages are familiar ones. They harassment from the Israeli settlements close by so they would like a protective presence. It is strange to think that I could be a protective presence. But if settlers know that there is an international at the scene to record everything, they are not likely to harass.


In the background and behind the trees is the settlement and greenhouses. Also the settlement road goes through the property of the villagers.

Lady making fire for tea

Lady was there to make a fire for the tea. I tried to help by collecting some pieces of wood.

On Monday we were called to be present when some men from the village of Qawawis were ploughing and sowing. Last spring they had their harvest in and drying in the sun when settlers came and burned it. So with us there, they felt safer. One fellow had also been shot.

Boy on donkey getting bags of seeds

This boy would ride the donkey to get new bags of seeds from his village.

Teapot in fire

The teapot in the fire. Sure was good on a cool wet day.

I had Tuesday and Wednesday off and went to Bethlehem. More on that later.

It is almost time to go to the cave and spend the night.

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